How It Work?

How it works

  • To boost your confidence - Height is Might.

  • Taller men tend to earn more. (according to the Wall Street Journal)

  • Taller men, more attractive, better love life.


Men who want to be taller should give Height Increasing Shoes a try. Our GIRAFFE Height Increasing Shoes will make you 6cm to 10cm taller instantly, just like magic!

You can look taller without anyone else knowing your "secret". The height increasing insole of our shoes is hidden, not apparent as the external shoe structure of our GIRAFFE shoes look no different from any other normal shoes, be it sandals, boots and all other range of footwear. The lightweight height increasing insole of our shoe provides additional comfort which enables you to walk with ease.

Many people believe that elevator shoes are only meant for shorter men but to be more precise, it is created not only for short men but for all men who desires to be taller than their existing height. In summary, whether you are short or tall, as long as you wanted to look taller, GIRAFFE Height Increasing Shoes is the key to a more confident and attractive you. By walking tall with your shoulders square and your head up, your overall posture will be improved, enables you to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Our shoes are marketed worldwide; do get a pair of GIRAFFE shoes NOW! GIRAFFE provides a wide range of height increasing shoes which combine unique functionality with cutting edge fashion and design to make you look and feel great. Our product is the result of intensive design study, which we have established and is maintained by our continuous search for improvements, however minor.

GIRAFFE Height Increasing Shoes,
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